“Boy Meets Girl” Movie Review

“Boy Meets Girl” directed by Eric Schaeffer is a comedy about the life of Ricky, a transgendered 20 year old, and her impact on the people around her. After countless struggles trying to find the “right” male, Ricky resorts to females where she befriends Francesca, a girl from the neighborhood. This friendship leads to more and the jealousy of Ricky’s best friend Robby to be revealed, as he must now face his feelings. “Boy Meets Girl” captures the intensity of a relationship and the stress that comes with it while trying to balance the struggles of life. Whilst expressing the battle with love, Ricky’s story causes one to look back on their past, as she discusses bullying at a young age and the feeling of guilt. The detail in her childhood adds strength to the film as it encourages viewers to realize that although times may be tough, everything eventually sorts itself out. Although race is not a key concept in the film, one’s gender and sexual orientation is. There are several examples showing this.  At first Robby illustrates a sense of interest in lesbian/bisexual chic when he tells Ricky that it is “hot” to see two females kissing.  Moreover, there is a flashback scene in which some characters express homophobia in Robby’s car, and lastly when Francesca’s mother confronts Ricky of her feelings for her daughter and claims heterosexim. Which are all overlooked while the film constantly reminds the viewer of Francesca’s fiancé’s negative feelings towards someone who is transgendered. More than this, “Boy Meets Girl” shows that even if you may not love yourself, someone will always love you. Ricky and Francesca’s fling expresses what everyone is capable of, and is a pure example of the will of blindness for love. Although their relationship never resulted in anything further than a one-night stand, their affection for one another is reformed into a friendship filled with support as Robby begins to take the boyfriend role in Ricky’s life. “Boy Meets Girl” illustrates several problems with sexual interactions in today’s society. For example, by presenting the “cult of the virgin” idea; when Francesca and Ricky begin to get to know one another, they both mention they are virgins, which is not the case. Within the film, one scene engraved itself into my mind. Towards the end of the picture, Ricky is seen swimming in the river nude, as Robby expresses his feelings for her from land. In this scene, Ricky emerges from the water and a full shot of her naked body takes the screen. Ricky asks, “Am I still beautiful?” while standing in front of her best friend and lover. Robby does not hesitate to reply, stating she is still the most beautiful girl he has ever met. This scene further shows the underlying message of Boy Meets Girl. Ricky loves herself and all that she has become, but does not feel accepted until she realizes that someone else loves her for being her. At first, this scene shocked me as I really did not know what to expect but after a quick 30 seconds, I found myself crying to the romance that was being expressed on the screen before me. This scene wrapped the entirety of the movie together and left the viewer with a message to remember for years to come. Love is important and it’s always there even if it is not visible at first. Overall, Eric Schaeffer’s “Boy Meets Girl” captures the heat, romance, and attraction in trying to find oneself.

Unfortunately, the film was not fully executed to it’s full potential as the theatre had sold more tickets than there were seats for. I scrambled into The Screening Room on time and could not find a seat. Upon informing one of the employers, I was given a metal chair and placed it in the only area empty enough, near the emergency escape door. Although that was a better solution than sitting on the floor, I was also very distracted throughout the picture by an individual in front of me sitting next to the isle who constantly checked her phone, replied to messages and checked almost every social media app one could download. Although there was another distraction during the picture, it added to the environment in a very positive way. Up at the front of the audience, a man in his 20’s or so continued to add comments to the actions of the actors. If someone said something degrading to LGBTQ individuals, he would snap his fingers and call them out on it. I was constantly laughing due to the comedy of the film and this mans side comments for most of the movie. Throughout these obstacles and distractions, the environment was really nice for such an intimate film. It felt as if I knew everyone in the room after watching the picture because you could feel the emotions of everyone sitting around you. Some were crying, some giggling and some starred at the screen with a look of wanting a love like Ricky and Robby in their eyes.

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4 thoughts on ““Boy Meets Girl” Movie Review

  1. This review of Boy Meets Girl provides a detailed insight on the story and themes that the film has to offer the viewers. The relationships between Ricky, Francesca, and Robby seem to portray a gripping yet complicated triangle of love and choice. After reading this review, I wish that I had gotten tickets to see it for myself! The review covers all of the different themes in the film as well as familiarizes the readers with how transgender and homosexuality are tied into the story. Overall, the film seems to be a captivating and interesting take on the idea of a transgender girl and her romantic relations with both a girl and a boy.


  2. Great review! It summarizes the movie well, but also conveys the many complex themes regarding sexuality – not an easy feat in a movie like this, considering the fact that there are still quite few movies discussing this topic. This review makes me wish I knew more details, I would definitely like to see it. I think you captured it, and integrated the terms nicely. The fact that race is not a key concept in the movie is also interesting and raises a few questions of its own.


    1. Your review really shows that there was multiple love stories taking place. Ricky and Robby falling for each other as well as Ricky falling for/accepting herself as you called it. The scene that you picked to describe as well showed the multiple layers to discovering oneself as a teenager and even more so with added societal obstacles of gender and sexuality. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This is a great review of “Boy Meets Girl”. It is clear that this may have been a complicated movie to follow along with because there was so many different ongoing love stories. I was a little confused just reading your review I can’t imagine how confusing it would have been in theatres. I really like the fact that this film seemed to portray that love is love no matter what way it is viewed or seen by others. After reading this review this is definitely a film I want to see.



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